hybrid encryption
The hybrid encryption uses symmetrical and asymmetrical methods in order to encrypt the data. So, it combines the benefits of both methods. In that method, the data are encrypted symmetrical. The keys, however, are delivered with the asymmetrical encryption. At first, the sender encrypts the data with a random key […]

What is the hybrid encryption?

Method The symmetric encryption is a cryptographic procedure, in which the encryption and decryption of a message is done with the same key (see picture). This implies that the participants have already exchanged keys before they start communicate with each other [1]. Bob has important information that wants to send […]

Symmetric encryption, method, advantages and disadvantages

method asymmetric encryption
Method The asymmetric encryption is a concept of cryptography that uses key pairs. The one key is the public one (Public Key) and the other is the private key (Private Key). Data that are encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted again with the private key [1]. In […]

Asymmetric encryption method, advantages and disadvantages

DHT11 library and schematic
With the DHT11 library, the humidity and temperature sensor DHT11 can be read out via one wire and a microcontroller of the MSP430 series. As microcontroller is used the MSP430G2553 (on the EXP430G2 launchpad) and as a development environment is used the IAR Embedded Workbench. Download DHT11 library dht11-library.zip Schematic […]

DHT11 Library

This C library describes the control of the 16-channel AD converter MAX11131 via SPI with a microcontroller of the MSP430 series. The MSP43F5359 is used as a microcontroller and the IAR Embedded Workbench is used as a development environment. Downloads Download ad-wandler-max111xx-lib Short description MAX11131 The MAX11131 ad converter has […]

MAX11131 library

This C library describes the control of FM25L04 via SPI FRAM memory with a micro-controller of the MSP430 series. As a microcontroller, the MSP43F5359 is used as a development environment the IAR Embedded Workbench. Downloads FRAM-c-library.zip Short description of the FM25L04 library The FRAM FM25L04 has write and read commands and […]

FM25L04 Library